Learning to Kneel

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s normal to reflect on the past year…see the blunders, celebrate the successes, and evaluate how to do better next year.  There’s something usually exciting about a new beginning as it is a blank slate, a new sheet of paper with a sharp pencil on top…waiting to be written.  The cool thing is we get to choose how we write it, or at least how we perceive the events that will happen, even if we don’t have a lot of control over what may transpire.

We have the ability to change and the insightful will realize that we really can only change ourselves. Our own actions, thoughts, and behaviors. But by doing so, we can then change the world.  So self-contradictory but a tried and experienced truth.

Looking back over this year, I realize my amazing successes came when I kneeled before the Lord in prayer and gave it to Him first.  Also in this self-examination, I see that my failures, though few in comparison but emotionally devastating in some areas…were a direct result of not kneeling.

So the solution is clear. I must learn to kneel.  First.

I’ve really known this all along.  It’s no different than knowing when we must lose a few pounds or quit smoking but we put these things off because we’ve settled into a routine that is comfortable and “safe.”  Oh, the revelations that come from the pangs of pain.  A spiritual childbirth.

I don’t like to call these resolutions because I never fulfill them and then I get down on myself for my failures.  I’d like to call this my 2016 Revolution.  Time for new management (i.e. not me).

To help me in my kneeling:

Prayer Journal: I’ve had a strong desire and yearning for prayer, but have often not been overly intentional with it.  So, I finally bought a 2016 weekly calendar (as pictured) and am using this as my prayer journal.  I’ve already started and writing these things down gives it a certain…purpose.  It’s on purpose.  I get the added benefit of being able to go back and document when my prayers have been answered.  I always forget these things!  Especially when I need to remember them and get encouragement from direct experiences. Problem solved.

Prayer Alerts: I’m also going to be setting prayer alerts on my phone to remind me throughout the day to pray for certain people, even hourly if needed.  Much can be obtained in a 10-second heartfelt prayer instead of almost nodding off during an hour-long session where I’m trying to be a spiritual goddess.  It’s not about me. 3pm – Lord, please heal Cindy’s mom.  4pm – Lord, please give Shelley peace and encouragement for her job interview.

Praying with purpose.

That’s it.  I don’t need to have this amazing plan to lose 20 pounds and avoid sugar, carbs, and artificial dyes while hitting the gym every morning at 5 am.  I need the Lord.  Everything else will come when it’s time, on time, every time, if I learn to kneel.

You’d be surprised at how hard the simple act of kneeling can be…even if you have good knees.

To a blessed 2016, everyone!

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