The Power Of No

Another post in my Power of Words series.  Don’t miss the Power of Hello and Power of Goodbye. Although I could feel the blood trickling down my chin and dripping down onto my white shirt, I was more aware of the fist that was cocked back in preparation to land another blow to my face than … [Read more…]

Orthopaedic Doodie

I had my consultation with the surgeon Tuesday at good ol’ Florida Orthopaedic Institute.  Well, that is what was supposed to happen.  But, alas, it did not. NEGATIVE POST WARNING!  Back away now if you are needing some fruity, sparkly unicorns to brighten your day. So let’s review.  I was supposed to see Dr. James Billys (whose name … [Read more…]

Job Seekers: Your Sweatpants Are Trying To Kill You

ALERT: Unemployed Job Seeker Public Service Announcement! Unemployed Job Seekers:  I need to tell you about this virus that is going around, seeking to kill, steal, and destroy your job hunting success. It’s an insidious disease. A monster of epic evil proportions, sent by the devil himself to trip you up, shut you out, and … [Read more…]