Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Trish Goff and Goffdrops is somewhat of a dormant passion of mine that has crept back up until I just about exploded without the creative release.  The name “Goffdrops” popped in my head one day (probably in the shower, where all great ideas materialize) and finally, was born.

I’m a quirky, Christ-loving soul with a terrible past gifted with a new beginning.  My mother died when I was 16, after which I pretty much lost my mind and all sanity, stability and coping skills for a good decade and a half.  I was a walking hurtbomb, hurting myself and everyone around me.  I gave my life over to addiction.  Long story short, I nearly died in a drug overdose, after which I gave my life over to the Lord and have been created anew.  By his Grace, I’ve been clean, sober, and sane since 2011.

So many things have changed since then that I could write a book!  I’m now married to Andrew and we are a walking carbon copy of the show “Dharma and Greg”  (which you can watch all of the episodes now on Youtube for free! Check it out.) The Lord also gave us Batman to love, a son after my own heart.  I am forever changed.

I am now free to write, to work well, to help others, to love again.  I’m not ashamed to be my quirky self or to show others my personality.  I’m also a Benefits Administrator and social media addict.  You can find me on Twitter (@goffdrops), Instagram, Facebook, and I’m extremely active on LinkedIn as well.

Because I write on so many different topics (both professionally and personally) and don’t want to limit myself, you might find the “categories” useful if you’re only looking for certain subjects.

Take a look around, leave a comment or contact me, would love to connect!