The Power Of No

Another post in my Power of Words series.  Don’t miss the Power of Hello and Power of Goodbye. Although I could feel the blood trickling down my chin and dripping down onto my white shirt, I was more aware of the fist that was cocked back in preparation to land another blow to my face than … [Read more…]

Job Seekers: Your Sweatpants Are Trying To Kill You

ALERT: Unemployed Job Seeker Public Service Announcement! Unemployed Job Seekers:  I need to tell you about this virus that is going around, seeking to kill, steal, and destroy your job hunting success. It’s an insidious disease. A monster of epic evil proportions, sent by the devil himself to trip you up, shut you out, and … [Read more…]

The Power Of Hello

I look back over the course of my career and I notice that there are really only a handful of managers that I remember fondly and would consider them to be a “good boss.” Sometimes it’s difficult to identify what makes them stand out as a successful leader so I took some time to ponder … [Read more…]

How Do You Like Your Banana?

I probably have a slight OCD tendency when it comes to bananas.  They have to be just right before I eat them, or I’m grossed out.  I call it getting in the Banana Zone. The banana has to be not-too-green or it tastes like hard grass.  But if it’s even really started having any brown spots … [Read more…]

I Interviewed Naked

Inspired by Shelley Brown’s “Naked” and Sarah Elkins‘ post “Exposed”. “You’re not good enough.” “You might as well go home now, they’ll never hire you.” “You suck.” When I hear those thoughts in my head, I know I’m about to win big. I remember the day well.  My 2008 red Volkswagen Jetta was parked in the … [Read more…]