The Beckoning

So much has happened since my last post.  Too much information, too much to think about, so many decisions, so much fighting with insurance and research. I have decided to move forward with SI Joint fusion with Dr. Beck in Montana after careful consideration and reading the multitudes of negative outcomes from iFuse surgery.  It … [Read more…]

Orthopaedic Doodie

I had my consultation with the surgeon Tuesday at good ol’ Florida Orthopaedic Institute.  Well, that is what was supposed to happen.  But, alas, it did not. NEGATIVE POST WARNING!  Back away now if you are needing some fruity, sparkly unicorns to brighten your day. So let’s review.  I was supposed to see Dr. James Billys (whose name … [Read more…]

SI Joint Dysfunction – A Few Screws Loose

People who suffer from SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction know that it can be a real pain in the butt. Literally. I like to tell people my son ruined my pelvis.  I know it sounds terrible, but it’s really not far from the truth.  The pain in my lower right back/buttock started when I was about … [Read more…]