Dear Batman – 2 Years Old

Dear Batman,

Oh, my son…you turned two this month. I sometimes think it’s not fair to even write these posts because it’s such a gush-fest. We are so proud of you! You are the smartest, funniest, wittiest, most beautiful person your Daddy and I have ever met and our greatest joy is seeing you smile. It’s also my personal mission in life to make you belly-laugh and I learned the hard way this week that Mommy simply cannot do that right after dinner.  Yes, I caught your puke with my bare hands. You see, we are bonded…you and I. Sure, the being in my belly for 9 months is significant, but the puke…man, that’s intimate.  That’s forever.

You have entered the crankypants “terrible two’s” but I guess I really don’t think they are so terrible after all. For the most part, I think it’s hysterical.  The flop backwards “ehhhhhhhhh” thing you do cracks me up! I’m sure my laughter is even more irritating to you so I try not to do it often aloud, but I get you. It’s hard being a toddler.  Your emotions are bigger than what you can handle and your limited words are surely frustrating to you.  This isn’t lost on us.

Now the “floppies” right after we turn off Elmo does get a little old sometimes, I’m not gonna lie.

I think you know about half of your alphabet now as well as many numbers, colors, and your very favorite…trucks. Fire trucks, dump trucks, monster trucks, semi trucks… Followed closely by helicopters (“dadu!”), tractors (“tatu!”), trains (“choo choo!”), and motorcycles (“nomnomnomnom”).  You also love books and puzzles, so much so that you get lost in them and I lay on the floor next to you, examining your face as you “read” and say the words out loud.  I wonder at your beauty and perfection.  You were inside MY body? How did you get so big? You’re a real person with real feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  Mind blown.

You are also incredibly sweet. We’ll ask you to give us kisses and you’ll lean your forehead forward as if to say “yes, you may have my forehead now.” You love to snuggle with us, give us “meemee’s” (kisses) and then the “ahhhhhh” as you give us a hug. You give kisses to Abby, Elmo, Spiderman and just about every other toy you own. (correction: WE own, you get to play with, sorry. You’ll understand later.)  You often share your toys with other kids. It’s adorbs.

I worry about you a lot. I think that’s a normal part of parenting. I also have so many health issues I’m trying to sort out right now that I often feel so guilty that I don’t have as much energy to play with you like I want to and I hope you don’t notice.  But I do my best.  Daddy and I really both do. I cherish our snuggle/milky time at night as I watch you drift off into dreamland. I hate to move you because you look like an angel when you’re sleeping, but if I don’t move you to your bed, then we both don’t sleep well. Sure, I’m sure we could force making you go to sleep in your bed, but frankly…I don’t care what other people say. It works for us and I know one day you won’t want to snuggle with Mommy anymore.  That will be a sad day.

Or maybe not. Hello, Criminal Minds marathons! Just kidding. (sort of)

I have big plans for you. So many dreams. But my biggest one is I hope to instill in you what Love looks like (and who the Author of Love is) and how to dream for yourself. I want you to find your passion in life as you get older and run after it with complete abandon. Don’t settle. In the current times of Teletubbies and Sesame Street, this means very little but I pray you can read this one day and know we are dreaming for you. I pray for you every night…for your protection, for your future, and for you to stop kicking me in the stomach.

You will always be our cherished son. While I feel guilty sometimes about choosing not to have more children so you can have a sister or brother, I think our family unit is perfectly complete the way it is. If you can convince Daddy one day, maybe we’ll get a dog but don’t hold your breath.  Did you know dogs’ butts touch everything?  Yeah. Germs.

We love you and are so blessed to have you in our lives. To another year of growing up with you…we can’t wait.

Mommy Bear




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  1. This just brought me back so many years to when our boys were little, Trish, thanks for that stroll down memory lane. I still treasure my memories of snuggle time in our family bed; you’re right, they don’t last very long in the scheme of things, but sleep deprivation is real! We decided to have a second for that very reason, to offer our older one the opportunities for a relationship like his dad & I have with our fantastic siblings. I sure can understand, though, the comfort with what you have right now. Being a toddler is tricky, life is full of disappointment when you’re two!

    That little Batman sounds like an amazing creature, Trish, and I’m not surprised at all.

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