I Got Screwed – Day 3-5

CrutchesWhat a whirlwind the past few days have been!  I don’t feel like being all creative with words right now, so let’s just go for a recap:

Day 3 – Traveling Home:

We left Montana less than 48 hours after surgery and I would NOT recommend anyone do that, ever. Can it be done?  Well, yes, obviously. But it was intensely uncomfortable to fly that soon.  Maneuvering crutches and wheelchairs on and off planes was just miserable.  I made it!  It wasn’t quite as terrible as I was expecting but in an ideal world, I should’ve stayed another two days.

Let’s talk layovers. I thought having 58 minute layovers in Minneapolis and Atlanta would be a good idea so I wasn’t sitting around in airports too long.  This wasn’t a good idea. In reality, by the time we got off the plane and meandered our little way over to the next gate (near or far), they were already boarding the next plane.  I had no time to sit, get anything to eat, or even take a relieving breath before I was back on my crutches trying to get between little aisles and little seats. For those that might be doing this soon: Don’t do that to yourself. Give yourself more time. I really, really wanted to just lay down for a few minutes since sitting up in the same position for hours was very painful.

Newflash: Mr. Cushy Cloud butt cushion was a no-go on the plane.  It placed me two inches higher than normal in the chair and I couldn’t stand it.  It was great for regular chairs, but not the airplane seat.  Also, the upgraded seats were totally worth it. My husband even commented on what great seats I picked. We couldn’t afford First Class, so we got the Delta Comfort Plus seats (free drinks, btw, for people who like alcohol), and I chose the row right behind First Class which had more leg room. Winning!

The third leg of the trip was just too much and I felt like I had a hangover. I was SO ready to be home!  The good news is I was able to stand unassisted, walking still needed some crutch assistance. See photo – this was me coming off the airport elevator, arriving home.

Day 4 No Crutches

Sleep has proven to be a little distressing.  I hate medication and can’t wait to be off of it! The pain comes in waves, especially after doing too much during the day, and so getting a good rest is a challenge.  However, I finally can sleep on my stomach and this is so helpful! Turning over in bed – not so much.  Day Four brought much improvement in pain levels and I was able to ditch the crutches in favor of just kind of holding on to the walls for support.  By the end of Day 4, I was just placing my hand gently on the wall as I shuffled along for mental support. I’m pretty amazed at the results of this already!  

Day 5

I probably did a little too much yesterday in all my excitement so I am listening to my body and resting today.  Recovery is an ebb and flow, learning your body, listening, adjusting, resting, and challenging it when needed. I’m okay with that and I continue to be thrilled.  I feel like all my pain is surgical and muscle pain.  It’s difficult to describe how my joint feels stable now because I didn’t really understand how it “felt” unstable before…it just feels solid now.

I stand by my decision to fly to Montana instead of doing iFuse in Tampa and I know that God led me there. The hard part is truly over, now I just concentrate on recovering.  And I really want to take a shower soon…two more days, two more days before I can feel like a human again.

My Husband

Let me just say that I could NOT do this without the full physical and emotional support of my husband.  He listened to me rant about my fears and my long-winded monologues about research and success rates…and then joined me in my decision that the Rialto fusion in Montana was our best course of action.  He supported me. He joins me in the debt we may owe for this decision. And he’s taken up the slack for the family – taking care of me AND a toddler AND the house while I recover, while dealing with his own stresses.  It’s been difficult on him and I am just so blessed that he’s standing by my side in all of this, for better or for worse.  He’s a rock.  I can’t imagine doing this alone!

The Video

Below is the video of me walking on Day Four unassisted. This is stinking incredible to me and EXACTLY why I chose Rialto. Please excuse the post-surgery hair and clothes..the fact that I am walking supersedes how I look at this point :)

I also normally don’t walk funny like that.  The surgical pain is still causing a limp…once my butt stops hurting, I’m sure I’ll be walking straight as an arrow again!

That’s all I got for now, ready to lay down again.  Join us in the Rialto Talk group if you’d like to learn more, or you can read more of my SI Joint Dysfunction journey here.

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