1. laurajenx

    LOVE the title of this post. Your journey sounds so similar to mine. I prayed and prayed for God to heal me, and even one time let someone pray to cast it out of me! No dice. I’m about to write another post on this, but I think sometimes people (and doctors) are God with skin on. We are His hands and feet. I definitely felt that way about Dr. Beck. I’ve never, ever slammed iFuse because I do know so many people who’ve been monumentally helped by it. But I, too, had a check in my spirit about it, for ME. I would listen to your gut (but then you’ve already heard my thoughts on that.) I have no doubt God will lead you to the best decision for you. Just keep on walking, and listening to that still, small voice. Happy you’re writing about your journey.

    • Trish

      Thanks,Laura! Can’t wait to read your post on this, we are His coworkers and I truly believe that about doctors. Love your blog… Write on, my friend.

  2. Sharon Tavera

    WOW I’m here too in Tampa FL and interestingly after 20 months of pain, injections, pills, laminectomy and discectomy on L5-S1 I landed in Dr. Billys office and heard for the first time it’s my SI joint. I’m trying to get approval for the diagnostic procedure from insurance and then Billys said he’d do the ifuse. I’m grateful to have stumbled on this blog and some groups as well in the last 24 hours becuase I probably would have done it the pain is so much! Thank you for this post – I’m not sure what my next steps are at this time it’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to feel like you are literally going crazy!

  3. Diane King

    Dr. Billies performed fusions surgery on me around 2006, I was in the hospital two days, drove in less than a week and was planting flowers two weeks later. I was 66, worked out of my home, care for the yard and house.
    If it were necessary, I would travel to Florida for Dr. Billies to perform surgery. He was great, very thorough, professional not at all like I’m hearing.

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