SI Joint Dysfunction – A Few Screws Loose

People who suffer from SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction know that it can be a real pain in the butt. Literally.

I like to tell people my son ruined my pelvis.  I know it sounds terrible, but it’s really not far from the truth.  The pain in my lower right back/buttock started when I was about two months pregnant.  At the time, “Obamacare” forced me onto Medicaid and I had a lovely Medicaid OB I aptly named “Medicaid Monster” who diagnosed me from across the room as having sciatica.  She then told me to find my happy place.

I am amazed she is still alive.  Such self-restraint.

I had researched my pain enough to know it had to do with Pelvic Girdle Pain or my si joint in some way.  I didn’t have shooting pains down my leg.  I had a constant, dull pain in one area that became sharp like I was getting stabbed with exercise, walking, rolling over in bed, getting dressed, etc.  I was walking around like a person decades my senior.

XRayOf course, nobody wants to touch a pregnant woman with anything more than a cough drop, so I suffered through the pregnancy with the hopes it would magically disappear when my son graced us with his presence.

This didn’t happen, either.  The pain continued and grew worse. Chiropractor made it worse. X-rays and MRIs were pretty disappointing…it all looked mostly normal except some bone build up on the right side.  Thankfully, I finally had normal insurance and a doctor who cared enough to send me to a pain management doctor after his initial injections did nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.

Enter Pain Management.

  • Injections
  • Steroids
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Medications
  • Sacroiliac Belt
  • Nerve Ablations

The RFA (radiofrequency nerve ablation) is a quaint little procedure where they burn the nerves out of the joint and you have more pain for a few weeks while the little nerve buddies die off.  And then…no pain.

Heaven! Exercise! Rolling over in bed without having to bite my lip not to wake up my husband.

Until the little suckers grew back 5 months later. Pain and limping became my friends again.  It’s really embarassing when I’m all dressed up to work in a Corporate environment and I’m hobbling around in my cute little outfit like I should have a cane.  Or a walker.  Or crutches.  They seriously don’t match my shoes.

Insurance doesn’t like to cover these procedures, especially so frequently.  I had my second RFA last week and I’m looking forward to the death of my nerve buddies.  At my appointment, my pain management dude suggested I start looking into fusion surgery.

And there it is.  We’ve reached that point.  I’m surprisingly calm about it because I pray that God is going to heal me and I’m okay with whatever method He decides to do that.  I’ve also done my research and will continue to do so.  Prolotherapy and other alternatives are financially out of reach.  I’m in an online group where I talk to others who are in the same boat, or have already been down this road.

So here, I plan to blog through this process in the “SI Joint Dysfunction” category.  Maybe to help others, mostly to keep me sane.

First consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon is officially scheduled for the first week in February.  My RFA should be in full swing by then, so I’ll be skipping my way into the appointment.  Ready for a 5K.screws loose

Only to discuss getting a few screws in my hip.  They always said I had a few screws loose…how appropriate.


  1. Here you are. Sorry to hear about the chronic pain. I have some of my own.

    Great to see you writing again…so glad you’re able to engage. You have a gift and the written word seems to be a gift to you. Recover strong!

    • Trish

      Kim! Finally we meet again in the blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by, may we prevail in written word and recovery. Namaste.

  2. Kelly Taaffe

    Trish, thank you for taking the time to create a blog about your SI experiences! I’m glad we met on the Facebook support group. :)

    • Trish

      Me too, thank you for taking the time to read! I hope by writing about it, we can bring more awareness to this issue. It’s not talked about enough.

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