The Beckoning

The BeckoningSo much has happened since my last post.  Too much information, too much to think about, so many decisions, so much fighting with insurance and research. I have decided to move forward with SI Joint fusion with Dr. Beck in Montana after careful consideration and reading the multitudes of negative outcomes from iFuse surgery.  It seems that for the small percentage of people who choose iFuse don’t do well…they really, really don’t do well.  Like, jacked up for life.

I have done so much research that it’s coming out of my ears.  I don’t like having to be so obsessed with this stuff…I’m tired of thinking about it, reading about it, and talking about it. I’m sure my husband is sick of it, too.  But I’ve come to realize that if I am not my own advocate, NO ONE else will do it for me.  We cannot trust our healthcare system to give us all of the information, or the most helpful.  Most have an agenda (usually money) and I’ve had to come to terms with that and find out for myself what is best for my health and my family.

Flying to Montana was definitely not on my list of favorite things to do considering there are surgeons in Florida, but it was probably the best decision I’ve made so far.  I sent all of my records (including MRI) electronically to Dr. Beck’s office where they study every case to see if you’re a good candidate before you ever board a plane.  I found out in about 3 days that he felt I was a great candidate and booked my consultation. Off I went in a whirlwind to Montana (what I affectionately call “The Beckosphere”) to see this “famous” doctor who has been healing people with sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I had to go alone and walking through the airports on pain medication without help is something I will not do again.  I was in so much pain, extremely nauseous, but excited. Next time I will have wheelchair assistance.

He was an amazing man as all the “Beckonites” said he would be and he said I was a great candidate, as I suspected. He actually wanted to do the surgery while I was there but unfortunately, Cigna demands a 5-day preauthorization period so I was forced to make another trip for surgery.

donkeykongThat was in March.  I came home hopeful, but Cigna denied to cover my surgery, citing it was “experimental”.  It’s not.  I have so much research now to prove otherwise and Medicare is now covering this procedure, which means it may take another year before private insurances follow-suit.  I am stuck in the middle of the waiting period…and I can’t wait. So I’m appealing, I’m fighting from every angle, and believing God to provide.  My favorite saying right now is #itsonlikedonkeykong.  I am in the middle of the internal appeal with my Human Resources team also fighting for me.  I fully expect them to deny and it will go to external appeal, at which point I will have to pull out the big guns. This ish has to stop.

Thank GOD my husband has taken the stance that money is just money and we can always make more.  He’s frustrated at seeing me in pain everyday while not being able to help me.  I’m sick of pain meds, not being to walk around a store, or stand for more than 5 minutes or so without repercussions.  With my husband’s support and blessing, we are moving forward with it without waiting for insurance to make up their minds.

So I’m now scheduled for surgery in a few short weeks. It’s almost surreal.  Tomorrow would have been the day I had my IFuse surgery in Florida and I have peace that I’ve made the right decision to cancel.  I think his office was surprised when I said I’d decided to go with another surgery method…as if they didn’t even know there WERE other options. That’s a problem.  Which is why I’m dedicated to writing about it even when people are sick of hearing about it and I’m taking part in groups to share the information that there is another way.

I call it The Beckoning.

Dr. Beck is not God, not anywhere near it. He is an extremely humble man and has pioneered a new method that will help thousands who currently think they only have one surgery method available.  His name comes up in small circles and sometimes dismissed or deliberately buried by people with other agendas. But it’s only a matter of time before this method spreads and there are already several surgeons across the country who have started doing this method, too.  It’s far superior, with higher success rates, and a small recovery period.  I’ve had the honor of meeting one patient during a layover in Seattle and regularly speak with several others via phone and messenger daily.  They have been given their lives back.  I am hopeful this will be the case for myself and my family and I think it’s important to TALK ABOUT IT.

What I have found is the people have had his surgery (Rialto method) can’t stop talking about it.  I have yet to read a negative review.  Not ONE. Anywhere! And I chat with all kinds of SIJD sufferers.

I hope to be on the road to recovery very soon and will be chronicling my post-op progress, mostly for those who need the information like I did as there’s very little out there.  There’s so much negativity that I hope to shine a light in a dark place.  Another good blog is Laura Jenkins’ Dizzy Pelvis…the first place I read about Dr. Beck and then I found her in the online support groups. I am thankful someone took the time to write about it when maybe everyone else was sick of hearing it…because it opened a door for me to find the information I needed.

This is why I write about it.  There’s another way, folks.  And it’s worth flying to another state to get it.

See him explain it himself in his video interview.

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